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A & B Fire Protection and Safety, Inc. offers a full range of clean agent (computer room) fire suppression systems including Inergin and FM200 gas systems. We are full line distributors of Ansul & Pyro Chem clean agent systems. Our dual class construction license allows us to engineer, install all piping, and install all electrical and detection systems without the need for outside subcontracting.

Pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently without causing harm to people or equipment. These systems use a gas or liquid agent, such as FM200, Novec 1230 or CO2, to extinguish fires by reducing the oxygen levels within the protected environment, thereby eliminating the fuel source. The pre-engineered nature of these systems means that they are designed specifically to meet the needs of certain environments and can be quickly installed with minimal disruption. These systems are commonly used to protect operations that have critical equipment and materials that need to be protected from damage caused by traditional water-based fire suppression systems. Additionally, they are used in environments where water cannot be used to suppress fires, such as data centers, museums, and laboratories. Pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression systems provide an effective, reliable, and safe way to protect businesses and their assets from the devastating effects of fire.


Ansul and Pyro-Chem Distributors
Inergen Gas Fire Suppression Systems
FM-200 Gas Fire Suppression Systems
Engineering and Design
Discharge Piping and Detection System Installation
Semi-Annual and Annual Service
Recharge and Reactivation
Repairs and Maintenance Programs
Consultation and Preliminary Design (Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are required to be serviced every 6 months including the testing of all detection devices.)

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With offices in Salinas (Monterey County), San Luis Obispo, and San Jose, and plans for new offices in Fresno and Orange County, we offer quick and competitive service throughout California.

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